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Manbir Singh learnt Kirtan for 8 years under the guidance of Ustad Principal Sukhwant Singh ji, the world renowned Ustad of Gurmat Sangeet. As recognition of his Music skills, he has been bestowed the title of 'Ustad'.

  • 9 years of teaching experience as Gurmat Sangeet Instructor in India, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Taught in various Schools , Colleges, Academies and Universities in India and abroad.
  • Able to play and teach all Gurmat Tanti Saaz ( Stringed Instruments) like Rabab, Dilruba, Taus, Sarangi, Jodi Harmonium and Tabla. 
  • Able to sing and teach all 31 Shudh Ragas and 31 mishrat Ragas from the holy scripture Sri Guru Grath Sahib ji.
  • Knowledge of rare singing styles in Gurmat Sangeet like Partaal, Dhrupad Dhaaar, Gurbani folk etc.
  • Experienced music composer and musician
  • Knowledge of professional Audio Studio Recording .

Manbir Singh

(Music Instructor)


Whatsapp- +1 209 302 6783

Skype- manbir321